Wednesday, 9 December 2009


जो रौशनी की शै
बुझा दी थी
कभी की, खुद ही

आज भी
उसकी आस
दिल में रहती है

अँधेरी राह
तनहा सफ़र
खुद ही चुना है

मगर जाने क्यों
उस उजाले की तलाश
दिल में रहती है

खुद की तलाश में
जितना दूर जाता हू खुद से
उतना ही तुम्हे पास पाता हू

जान के भी सब
एक अनजान खलिश हमेशा
दिल में रहती है

रास्ता कट जाएगा अकेले भी
मगर जीने की आस
दिल में रहती है


Poonam said...

pata nahi your words touch me...always..may b coz i can relate to them.whatever...another good one.


Ashutosh said...

Thanks Poonam... you are the perfect reader a person can ask for :)

Reading, absorbing and feeling every word. And on top of that also giving a feedback and sharing your thoughts.

Yes what you said is true. We all think we are the only one trapped in the most unique situation. And yet when we open ourselves and share it with others, we find that each one of us has the same emotional undercurrent flowing through us.



Nivedita said...
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Nivedita said...

I had no idea this blog existed and it is indeed good to know you are so deep :))
will be followin' you on this blog :))
well written Ashutosh...I love it :))


Ashutosh said...

@ Nivi...

Thanks a ton for dropping by and following :)


Ramesh Sood said...

Yehi toh ik aas hai ,
Jo kahati rahati hai
koi toh paas hai, dikhega bhi,
Milega bhi,
Aaj agar bas iik ahsas hai...

Ashutosh said...

@ रमेश जी ... सही कहा आप ने ... जीवन अक्सर आस के सहारे ही कटता है... जब एक टूटती है, तब दुसरे की तलाश में ....

twara said...

Hi! i came across this blog accidentaly, while searching something on google.. really liked all your creations.. besides the expression, the use of langauge is very well defined!